Reverse Engineering

How a CPU works. An introduction to reading assembler instructions.

A very simple reversing challenge for Linux

Exploring and comparing some common tools and techniques for reversing binaries.

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Can programs be uncrackable? Let's try to find some anti-debugging tricks.

Learning how to reverse engineering programs written in C

In this video we will introduce how shared libraries like libc are used by C programs. Specifically we will look at the Global Offset Table and the Procedure Linkage Table.

Introducing the heap by looking at what malloc() does.

We will learn how to daemonize a process and see how a server handles connections

Part 1 is about understanding the algorithm with and gdb. Zwiebel is a reversing CTF challenge with encrypted self-modifying code.

Capturing the packets from my air conditioner remote to reverse engineer the protocol.

Using the Saleae Logic Pro 8 digital analyzer to reverse engineer the packets from my air conditioner remote.

Part 1: reverse engineering the functionality of the cookbook binary with IDA

BruCON CTF video write-up: Not all packets, Reverse Beer, Virtual Lockpick


Here is a collection of videos that cover different aspects of Reverse Engineering.

Some videos cover basics, others are walk-throughs of reverse engineering challenges from CTF competitions.