Riscure Embedded Hardware CTF

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Here you can find my video writeu-ups for the Embedded Hardware CTF by Riscure (rhme.riscure.com/challenges). You can also take your own Arduino Nano and flash the challenges from their github repository here: https://github.com/Riscure/Rhme-2016 and follow along.

Newest videos are at the bottom.

Soldering the arduino board, installing drivers for OSX and flash challenges with avrdude. The CTF will run until the end of February, the other videos will come after that.

Explaining what serial is, debugging it with a Saleae Logic Analyzer and figuring out how to talk to the board.

The first challenge I solved for the embedded hardware CTF by riscure. It implements a Secure Filesystem which prevents you from readeing files without knowing the correct token for a file.

We are looking at the datasheet of the ATmega328p and learn about harvard architecture and how serial communication on an assembler level looks like.

We are using radare2 together with avr-gdb and simavr to reverse engineer the challenge "Jumpy" which implemets a password checking algorithm.

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