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Thank you so much that you want to support me!

At this moment in time I can't accept any donations, because of tax foo that I'm too lazy to care about - I wanna do educational videos and not deal with bureaucracy. I'm super busy already - I do IT security consultancy work professionally. So if you have an interesting project that seems to fit my expertise, please contact me.

What you can do is share my videos with friends and colleagues. Seeing a worthless subscriber number counting up is quite rewarding and motivating.

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You want me to advertise your brand? Or you got a good consultant gig thanks to my videos and want to give back? I highly appreciate that! Here is a list of stuff you can do:

If you support me in some way, I'm happy to talk about how I can give back. Your company or brand name in the video description or at the end of the video. There are several possibilities.