Game Hacking - Pwn Adventure 3

Video walk-through of an intentionally vulnerable MMORPG to teach developers about game hacking

Let's Play/Hack - Pwn Adventure 3: Pwnie Island

Pwn Adventure 3 is a MMORP with CTF challenges - it was created to be hacked! In this episode we just have a first casual look at it.

Teleporting and Hovering (Unbearable Revenge)

We use chat messages to implement teleport commands and try to get access to more chests. But it's not that easy and we have to implement hovering...

Getting Started With Windows Game Hacking - Pwn Adventure 3

Basic Game Hacking on Windows with Cheat Engine and Ghidra.

How Speedrunners Use Game Hacking Tools

In this post we will look at time splitters used by speedrunners and how it's related to game hacking.

Finding Player and Camera Position for Fly Hack - Pwn Adventure 3

We will find the player's coordinates and also find the camera's position. This should help us to create a proper fly hack!

Setup Private Server with Docker

Docker + Private Server + Pwn Adventure 3: Pwnie Island = Hacking MMORPG!

Information Gathering/Recon

Static and dynamic analysis on the Pwn Adventure 3 Game Files

Recover Game Classes with gdb

Using gdb to extract the included symbol information from the library

Hooking on Linux with LD_PRELOAD

Using the environment variable LD_PRELOAD to hook and overwrite function calls.

Flying and our first Flag! (Cow King)

By using LD_PRELOAD, we can use our custom shared object, allowing us to fly in the game!

Find the hidden Golden Eggs

We use the Pwn Adventure 3: Pwnie Island in-game chat function to list all the actors in the game, and teleport to each location to pick up all the golden eggs!

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